According to Mike Zeroh, Lizzie is going to be meeting with CEO of Disney to discuss being apart of the new Star Wars trilogy. The video above describes her character as Lady Sith and if this is true, I’ll be stoked. But I don’t think it is seeing as she is tied up with Marvel.

March 13, 2022 Joshua

Lizzie attended the 10th anniversary screening of her first independent film Martha Marcy May Marlene. She spoke on stage and attended the screening. I’ve added 16 images from the event.

First off, I must apologized as these are very late. Sadly, I’ve had these on my MacBook waiting to upload but I was going on vacation and still up here in Vermont (leaving Wednesday, sad face interested) and I didn’t have time to get them into the gallery. With the weather being in the 50’s and it rainy what better way then to upload them now!

Sadly, Lizzie didn’t win any Emmys and lost out to a different actress. Can we take a second or more to admire how stunning Elizabeth looked on the red carpet? But I am sure we can all agree that Lizzie should have won as her performance in WandaVision was very amazing and turned a lot of studio heads. Might I mention it was the number 1 Disney Plus Show?!

September 27, 2021 Joshua

I’ve started to replace some of the public appearances from 2004-2011 that we had in MQ quality and replaced them with HQ. I’ve even went ahead and added some new photos not added to the gallery before. Don’t forget to check them out!

August 23, 2021 Joshua

We here at Elizabeth Olsen Archives has an amazing new look thanks to Megan. I absolutely love this look and we hope you do too!

August 15, 2021 Joshua

With much of the world finally getting back to normal, it’s great to see Lizzie out and about at an event. I’ve added several photos from the recent event that Lizzie has attended and she’s looks amazing.

July 25, 2021 Joshua