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Elizabeth yesterday stepped out and attended the LA Premiere of Love and Death. I’ve managed to add over 200 HQ photos to the gallery including red carpet photos and after-party. I’ve also managed to add 3 new photoshoots into the gallery as well as a set from the puppy interview! Gallery Links: – APR 26TH […]


Elizabeth Olsen didn’t know it was a true story. Reading an early script for “Love & Death,” the new HBO Max miniseries premiering Thursday about a small-town Texas housewife accused of ax-murdering a friend in 1980, Olsen believed Candy Montgomery’s crime to be a work of fiction. She thought the Texas Monthly articles she received […]


May 5, 2022   Photo Gallery, Photoshoots

I’ve managed to add 5 different photoshoot sessions from 2022 thus far that Lizzie has done. Enjoy! Gallery Links: – SESSION 001 – SESSION 002 – SESSION 003 – SESSION 004 – SESSION 005


November 16, 2019   Photo Gallery, Photoshoots

I’ve added high quality pictures of Elizabeth Olsen‘s latest photoshoot for InStyle:


These last few days, Lizzie Olsen attended two more tv shows: The Late Show with Seth Meyers and Buzzfeed’s AM to DM. Find pictures in the gallery:


WHO WHAT WEAR – The 30-year-old actress’s identity doesn’t seem like it would lend itself to much mystery. Since 2014, Olsen has starred as the Scarlet Witch in Marvel’s superhero movie franchise—one of the most-watched film series in entertainment history. (This summer’s Avengers: Endgame quickly became the second-highest-grossing movie of all time.) It’s a role […]


June 19, 2019   Photo Gallery, Photoshoots