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  • Posted on January 09, 2013 / by Jess in Liberal Arts, Photo Gallery

    As promised screen captures of Lizzie as Zibby from her 2012 movie Liberal Arts have been added to the gallery. If you have not seen this movie I highly recommend you do as it’s a great movie and Lizzie is flawless in it as always!

    Gallery Links:
    – Home > Movie Productions > Liberal Arts (2012) > Blu-Ray Screen Captures

    Posted on January 08, 2013 / by Jess in Liberal Arts, Photo Gallery, Very Good Girls

    I’ve added the first two released stills from Lizzie’s upcoming movie Very Good Girls to the gallery as well as three more stills from her 2012 movie Liberal Arts (from which screen captures will follow tomorrow).

    I also forgot to post that not only Kill Your Darlings will be screened at the Sundance Film Festival but Very Good Girls as well. The Sundance Film Festival will start on January 17.

    Gallery Links:
    – Home > Movie Productions > Liberal Arts (2012) > Production Stills
    – Home > Movie Productions > Very Good Girls (2013) > Production Stills

    Posted on November 14, 2012 / by Jess in Liberal Arts

    IFC Films and MPI Home Video has announced that dramedy LIBERAL ARTS, from actor and director Josh Radnor and starring Elizabeth Olsen, Richard Jenkins, Allison Janney, Zac Efron, Elizabeth Reaser and John Magaro, will be available on Blu-ray December 18th, 2012.

    LIBERAL ARTS follows Jesse (Josh Radnor) a thirty-five year old New Yorker who works as a college admissions advisor. When his favorite professor (Richard Jenkins) is on the verge of retirement, Jesse decides to travel back to his alma mater to celebrate the event. While at his old college, Jesse meets a young student Zibby (Elizabeth Olsen) and ends up falling for her and finds himself in a dilemma: should he be with Zibby and follow this kindred spirit, or go back to the hum-drum of the real world.


    Posted on September 17, 2012 / by Jess in Liberal Arts, Photo Gallery

    Yesterday Lizzie was in London to attend the photo call for her new movie Liberal Arts which will be released in the UK on October 5. She looked lovely in an Asos skirt and Topshop jacket.

    Gallery Links:
    – Home > Public Appearances > 2012 > September 16: “Liberal Arts” London Photo Call

    Posted on September 16, 2012 / by Jess in Interviews, Liberal Arts

    Elizabeth Olsen sat down in midtown Manhattan with Examiner Dorri Olds to discuss Olsen’s character in the movie “Liberal Arts” which opened in NYC this week. Olsen stars opposite Josh Radnor—who also wrote and directed the film.

    Olsen’s character, 19-year old college student Zibby, is precocious and fun. Jesse (Radnor) is a 35-year old bookworm whose growth has been stunted by college nostalgia. In a chance meeting, Zibby and Jesse hit it off. They connect on multiple levels and effect each other’s lives in unexpected ways. Richard Jenkins is terrific as a sad retiring professor. Allison Janney is hilarious as Judith, a rather randy professor. Cast members Zac Efron and John Magaro also add solid performances in this bittersweet coming of age drama.
    ‘Liberal Arts’ official trailer 2012
    Video: ‘Liberal Arts’ official trailer 2012

    Examiner: Should I call you Elizabeth?

    Olsen: Ugh, no. Nobody calls me that. I’m Lizzie.

    Ok, Lizzie, did you relate to your character, Zibby, on an emotional level?

    Emotionally? Yeah, absolutely. She’s someone who wants to jump ahead and go straight to being an adult and I had that my entire life—until now. Now I’m really happy being a child, I feel more youthful than I did when I was 19.

    Like the Dylan lyric, “I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.”

    Yeah, I took myself way too seriously for too many years.
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    Posted on September 11, 2012 / by Jess in Liberal Arts, Photo Gallery

    Yesterday Elizabeth looked gorgeous during the screening of Liberal Arts in New York. Some HQ photos of the event to the gallery.

    Gallery Links:
    – Home > Public Appearances > 2012 > September 10: “Liberal Arts” New York Screening

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