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Jake Gyllenhaal accidentally insulted his friend Elizabeth Olsen on Hot Ones.

During the episode of the popular online series, the actor took pride in not using Wet Ones or toothpicks while eating hot sauce-soaked wings, shocked by the very presence of the items. He asked host Sean Evans if other celebrities ever used wipes or a toothpick if things got too messy, seemingly associating the tools with cheating.

“You can [use a] Wet One. You can Wet One,” said Evans.

“No way. No f——g Wet Ones. Who f—ing used Wet Ones? What is that? F–k that! What asshole used a toothpick?” asked Gyllenhaal.

Turns out the “asshole” in question was Olsen.

“Oh, sorry Elizabeth,” Gyllenhaal immediately backtracked, finding humor in having to apologize to his friend. “She’s like literally the least asshole I’ve ever met, so, I’m sorry.”

“You wanna walk that one back, Jake?” asked Evans.

“I absolutely am walking that back. Gimme 14 of the Apollos, I’m sorry,” he said, in reference to the extremely hot “last dab.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Gyllenhaal reflected on facing his fears during his turn on Man vs. Wild, where he explored the frozen wilderness of Iceland with Bear Grylls.

“I think of everything we did, being hooked up to a harness without knowing it and being connected to a helicopter and being flown across Iceland hanging, dangling from a helicopter was a highlight,” he said.

Gyllenhaal added, “The not fun part was when they asked me on a questionnaire—I should have known—’What are you most afraid of?’ and I said like, ‘I really would love to not do things that are too high,’ like heights. And then the last challenge was me having to drag myself across a line, like a rope, with a 1500-foot drop.”

He recalled that Grylls told him it was either crossing the risky way or walking around for 7 days, so Gyllenhaal was a good sport and took on the incredible challenge, despite dealing with heavy wind.

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