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Jess April 21, 2015 2 Comments Avengers: Age of Ultron

2 Responses to “Elizabeth Q&A at Apple Store Regent Street tomorrow”

April 22, 15 • 9:09 pm

I saw you post on the train. I was on my way to London from Paris for work. I arrived like 1 hours befor 6,30pm.
I just took a cab to The Apple Store in Regent., and I got my ticket for the conference! I took many pictures on my iPhone but you still can find the potcast on Internet.
I didn’t get my selfie cause I was like petrified. Anyway, I already have one on the Paris Street.
Can send you my pictures and videos if you want.
Do you know that she will shooting the new Captain Amarica next week in Atlanta?
Anyway thank you, I’m checking your website daily.

April 26, 15 • 11:20 am

We’d love to see the photos Alexis!