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Elizabeth Olsen has described a Louis Vuitton show as a sugary sweet dream land.

The actress is a regular on the red-carpet as well as on the front row at fashion shows around the world.

Elizabeth attended Louis Vuitton’s Paris show this year where she discussed what the experience is like.

“I’m in pre-fall leather pants and a jacket – I always just want to feel comfortable. I’m so excited about this show. Louis Vuitton shows always remind me of candy-cane land, where everything’s made of bubbles and cotton candy,” she smiled to the latest edition of UK magazine InStyle. “It’s a big spectacle. After this we’re heading off to Le Marais to eat lovely food and drink lovely wine. I really want caviar , that’s what I want. And Bison Grass vodka.”

The super chic 24-year-old attended Comic-Con in San Diego in July where she made a stand out appearance in a monochrome Balenciaga outfit. The Godzilla star previously revealed that she doesn’t have the same eye for her make-up as she does for her style.

“When I have to go somewhere and I’m not in the mood, I just apply mascara and a crazy lip colour. Then I look in the mirror and think: ‘I’m awake!’ I love how matte all the Revlon colours are,” she said to Miss Vogue previously.

“I’ve never had a breakout before a big event – I wouldn’t know what to do, I’d just hope the make-up person would! I definitely wouldn’t pop it, that screws up your skin completely. I rely on good foundation instead.”


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