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August 4, 2012 Comments Off on Elizabeth won’t be in “50 Shades of Grey”

Another day, another 50 Shades of Grey rumor. The latest had Emma Watson strapping up to play Ana Steele in the adaptation of E. L. James’ S&M-heavy romance novel. But after the Harry Potter star recently quashed those rumors to EW, it’s on to the next one. Other names that have churned the rumor mill include Kristen Stewart, Emma Roberts, Shailene Woodley, Amanda Seyfried, Dakota Fanning, and even Lindsay Lohan. One of the more popular and wishful guesses was Elizabeth Olsen, who would have immediately lent the project Serious Movie credibility, rather than a cash-grab adaptation of Twilight fan fiction. Sorry, guys. I recently chatted with Elizabeth Olsen, and when I asked if the film was a possibility, she replied, “No! No! No!” She also said this:

“But it’s had a huge impact on society. Apparently rope sales have skyrocketed because women who’ve read the book are really getting into bondage, which is kind of great. It’s such a taboo for women to actually discuss sexuality without the help of Cosmopolitan. All of a sudden, this book has become a sensation because the women reading it haven’t had access to this kind of thing before. I was talking to a guy who was making a joke about it, saying, ‘Clearly these women just need to watch porn.’ In a way, he’s right.”

So it’s official: Elizabeth Olsen will not be starring in 50 Shades of Grey. Do with that what you will, Internet.


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