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Elizabeth Olsen has said she always managed to hold her own, despite growing up in the shadow of her twin sisters’ global fame.

The young star is currently making a name for herself in the acting world, but as the younger sibling of child actors-turned-fashion icons Mary-Kate and Ashley, she was already used to life in the spotlight.

“It definitely made me look about it almost from a scientific point of view,” she said, and insisted that she and her elder brother Trent weren’t brought up any differently from their famous siblings.

Despite being the youngest from her father’s first marriage (she has two half-siblings from his second marriage), Elizabeth said she’s always managed to hold her own.

“When I think back on childhood, I made every person in my family see three musicals a summer at this kids’ musical theatre camp. “They were terrible but I was not someone who you could push aside,” she laughed.

She also danced from a young age, made numerous appearances in her sisters’ films (the first when she was only four) and was an avid fan of musical theatre.

She is now hitting the headlines in her own right, with roles in the acclaimed Martha Marcy May Marlene and her latest film Red Lights, in cinemas on June 15.

She’s just finished filming Kill Your Darlings with Daniel Radcliffe, which is centred on the poets of the Beat Generation, and is currently filming Therese Raquin, a dark period piece set in Paris.

None of these projects are your typical easy-going romcom but, as she’s already proved, Elizabeth prefers a challenge. “I like to think of myself as a capable and strong young woman, and if I didn’t, my father would be disappointed because he raised his daughters to be independent,” she said.


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