8 September 2011   Comments Off on Missoni For Target Private Launch Event

Elizabeth attended the Missoni For Target Private Launch Event on September 7th. I have added 9 pictures from the event to the gallery!


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7 September 2011   Comments Off on Elizabeth Olsen Talks ‘Martha Marcy,’ Oscar Buzz

MTV: The last time we talked was at Sundance, when you made a big splash with “Martha Marcy” and “Silent House.” Has life changed at all since everyone dubbed you a Sundance breakout star?

Elizabeth Olsen: Personally, it’s all the same. I still live in a 300-square-foot apartment. I made some more friends along the way and I’ve been traveling a lot. But professionally, since Sundance, I’ve made two more movies and now I get to keep reading cool scripts that before Sundance I wouldn’t have been even considered for. So that’s cool. It’s not about the size of the movie, it’s just character and story. Even independent films have their fair share of more simplistic stories, and then there are studio films that are more psychologically exciting. For me, it’s just figuring out if I like the character and seeing if I could be considered.

MTV: Along those lines, your character in “Martha Marcy” is not your typical young female Hollywood role. Was that the initial appeal for you?

Olsen: There were two things I immediately responded to in the script. The first was I really like being an audience, and when I finished, it was really thrilling from an audience perspective — the narrative and the way it was told. And from a character point of view, it was someone I could play with and be challenged by. It wasn’t like I was thinking, “No one does characters like this and I want to do that!”

MTV: How do you get to “play” with such a troubled character?

Olsen: For me, the analogy is if a kid gets access to the full playground, rather than just the monkey bars. I had not just the story of this cult, but how to recover from it. Within that, there’s anger, humiliation, embarrassment, inspiration, finding of a place and then being isolated from that place. There are so many things that fit into one person, which is so thrilling, as opposed to taking one part of the story. You get to fully create this circle, this cycle.

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2 September 2011   Comments Off on New Martha Marcy May Marlene Posters!

I have added two new Martha Marcy May Marlene posters to the gallery, be sure to check them out and check out this new Martha Marcy May Marlene website!

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2 September 2011   Comments Off on Elizabeth in Vanity Fair & Total Film!

Elizabeth is featured in the October 2011 issue of Vanity Fair and the September 2011 issue of Total Film! Check out the scans!


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