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Liz and co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson are interviewed around the 17:10 minute mark.

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Now that “Avengers: Age of Ultron” is nearing its release date, Lizzie and her co-stars are featured in tons of magazines. Lots of scans have been added to our gallery, most of them thanks to Claudia, who is the webmaster of Incredibly Downey Jr, and Ann, who is the webmaster of Chris Evans Fan.

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Lizzie did an interview with in which she discusses “Avengers: Age of Ultron”.

Question: Could you talk about your Eastern European accent?
Elizabeth Olsen: Can I talk about it? It’s something we got to create because it’s a make believe place. So it’s something that Aaron [Taylor-Johnson] and I with the dialect coach got to create together.

What’s the name of the fake country?
Elizabeth Olsen: That I can’t talk about. But I got to make it up, so yeah.

How are we introduced to your character?
Elizabeth Olsen: I think you’ve already been introduced. The most beginning you will see is what’s in the end of Cap 2. There’s definitely a connection that is very evident, yeah.

Is that pretty much the costume you have for the whole movie?
Elizabeth Olsen: Well, no. For the film, that world is very specific so it’s almost like hospitalish, and the way that we designed costume and character is based off of these two kids being on their own and using whatever they can to their best ability. Like if they see a street vendor, they just grab something off the street vendor, so it hints to Eastern Europe but it’s also kind of this gypsy, vagabond feel as well.

In some of the original drafts of Godzilla, your character and Aaron’s character were brother and sister. When that switched, had you guys already talked about doing this together?
Elizabeth Olsen: When we were talking about the brother –I think we weren’t part of the brother/sister conversation for Godzilla. They just told us that they weren’t sure if they wanted them to be brother and sister but they’re pretty sure that they want them to be married and they’re pretty sure that they’re gonna give them a kid [Laughs]. That was the information we got and that’s where we basically started and we didn’t know about Avengers until after we finished filming Godzilla, which was kind of funny.

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